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ADOBO SEASONING – Traditional Hispanic seasoning with a twist. Our Adobo has less salt, more pepper and garlic as well as turmeric.


Adobo is a base seasoning for Hispanic cuisine; our test kitchen has been successful in finding a few new uses.  Add to egg or milk wash before breading chicken or fish. Sprinkle on burgers before grilling. Use instead of salt on salads or dressings.


BEAU MONDE – A basic European style seasoning. Celery flavor, with a slightly sweet finish.


No limit to its applications, adds character to salads, soups, gravies, and sauces. Also imparts zest as a rub before grilling, baking or broiling.


BLOODY MARY SALT OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE – Developed for upscale restaurants featuring week end brunch and special event catering. Available now to all.


Just enough salt for the pallet, specialty vinegars, cayenne, and 8 additional spices create an exciting coating for the rim of any glass.


BUFFALO SEASONINGOUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE  Whether it’s “wings” or other “things” Buffalo flavor has taken the nation by storm. Now Buffalo chicken can be made anywhere.      ADD TO BREAD CRUMBS (OR PANKO), USE AS A RUB FOR MILD FISH FILLETS OR CAYFISH BOIL, MIX WITH MAYONAISE OR SOUR CREAM FOR AN ADULT DIP.


This spicy blend of cayenne pepper, citrus, vinegar and other spices can also be used as a rub, or marinade.


CAYENNE A STEP UP –Averaging 60K Scoval units of heat or about twice as hot as the standard product. Used sparingly, adds heat and flavor where needed.


CAYENNE SUPER HOTUSE CAREFULLY, Super Hot Cayenne averages from 90K to 110K Scoval heat units. Super Hot Cayenne is 50% hotter than “A Step up Cayenne”. In essence, this item has 50% more heat than A STEP UP CAYENNE AND ALMOST THREE TIMES THE HEAT OF “STANDARD” CAYENNE.




CHICKEN SEASONING COLBY’S CREATION,  OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE.  This in house creation stands heads and shoulders above the rest.  Spices, brown sugar and lemon zest combined for a taste sensation. Sweet and citrusy to start with a bit of heat at the finish.


Not limited to poultry, great on mild fish fillets, topping for grilled pita or added to mayonnaise for a dip.


CHICKEN SEASONING ONTARIO STYLE - A blend of salt, pepper, citrus, and spices provide a hearty range of flavor and character to all poultry products. Mild and family friendly.


Makes a unique marinade mixed with vinegar, or white wine and your choice of oils.


CHICKEN SEASONING SMOKEHOUS STYLE - OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE Deep smoke flavor. Perfect as a rub for barbecuing, baking or broiling. Adds a zip to bread crumbs or Panko. Also great added to chicken or shrimp salads, and blended with mayonnaise for a spectacular dip.


CHILI LIME SEASONINGOUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE  A tangy blend of mild peppers, natural citrus powders, and seasonings, produce a tart all purpose addition to almost any dish.


CHINESE FIVE SPICE – As with most geographic specific seasonings, 5spice differs throughout Chinese cuisine. Our blend is designed to appeal to all regions.


Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, and assorted Asian peppers, create an aromatic, intense, and slightly sweet seasoning.


“Five Spice” is used in numerous segments of Asian Cuisine, best used in open flame rather than Wok frying. Combined with sour cream, produces a unique dip for chips or baked potato topping.


APPLE CIDER VINEGAR POWDER – Apple cider vinegar in a dehydrated form. Use “to taste” adds unique flavor to dressings, sauces, fruit desserts, and seafood rubs.  Inputs character to Buffalo Wing sprinkle, Seafood rub, and Shrimp or Crab boils.  NOT DESIGNED TO RE – CONSTITUTION.


CHUCKWAGON STEAK RUB - OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE A blend of brown sugar, spices and rich coffee.  


A taste of the old west on steaks, or chops. All natural.  ALSO GREAT ADDED TO GROUND BEEF.  Used in some of the nation’s finest Steakhouses.


CURRY SEAFOOD SEASONINGOUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE  Our famous Seafood Seasoning (which contains, Cardamom, Clove, Allspice, and Ginger), with a healthy amount of hearty Curry Powder.


Has a robust flavor with a hint of “heat”.  Adds character and eye appeal, to fish fillets, combine with bread crumbs for a flavor uptick to breading, soups, dipping sauces (mix with mayonnaise or sour cream), and to shrimp or crab boils. ALSO AVAILABLE WITH ADDITIONAL HEAT.


DIABLO SUPER SPICY SEASONING OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE – This traditional Southwestern specialty is a blend of imported chili’s and selected spices creating a very spicy rub for beef, or chicken. Also great added to sour cream or mayonnaise for a tantalizing adult dip, for crackers, chips, or vegetables. Add to burgers, or meat loaf.


GARLIC PEPPER ITALIAN STYLE OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE - Coarse ground black pepper,  garlic, and selected spices create a he -man flavor sensation. Neither of the two main ingredients is overwhelming, but share the spotlight.  Italian Garlic Pepper is extremely versatile.


AS A RUB - Sprinkle on beef, pork, lamb or poultry, nothing else is needed to ensure that the center of the plates the star of the meal.


AS AN INGREDITENT - Adds depth and character to soups, gravies, turkey burgers, meat loaf, and garlic bread.


GARLIC POWDER – ROASTED – Fresh Garlic which has been roasted to a golden brown bringing out the volatile oils and unique, smooth deep flavor with less acidity.


Use in place of regular garlic powder in rubs, sauces, mix with olive or canola oil, butter or margarine for basting seafood, or meats. Adds flavor and character to bread before toasting.


HORSERADDISH POWDER – Pure horseradish dried and processed into a light powder form. Unlike fresh Horseradish, the powdered form needs no refrigeration, and will not lose strength with age. 


The powder will reconstitute to a “slurry” consistency (5 to one mixture). It will not replace fresh horseradish “on the plate”, but will add flavor in sauces, rubs, dips, and toppings.


ITALIAN HERB SEASONING   SALT FREE OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE – Adds a touch of Tuscany to meats, seafood’s, sauces, vegetables, dressings, garlic bread, or baked goods. A potent, salt free array of Mediterranean herbs.


JAMAICAN JERK SWEET AND SASSY OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE – An authentic adaptation of the popular island rub. Delicate, sweet, fruity overtones at first bite with a pleasant heat finish. Lower salt content allows for dilution with vinegar, fruit juice or white wine and oil for a delicious marinade or dipping sauce.   Adds flavor to poultry, pork, beef,  seafood’s.


MEMPHIS BARBECUE RUBOUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE Memphis barbecue is known for its sweet hickory flavor is perfect for ribs, roasts, or poultry.


MESQUITE SMOKEY SEASONING - OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE Mesquite infused charcoal and wood chips have become the second most popular essence for barbecuing or smoking at home and in restaurants. This unique flavor and aroma is now available without lighting the grill.


Mesquite Seasoning adds smoked flavor and a touch of “heat” to meats, poultry, or seafood. Used as a shrimp or crab boil. For a different twist, steeped in olive oil it makes a wonderful dip for bread. The uses are endless.


SALT FREE ALL PURPOSE GARDEN SEASONING OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE – Dehydrated vegetables and herbs combine for a tasty, all purpose seasoning. Great for low sodium diets or just added flavor.


There are no limits to the uses, sprinkle on fresh salads, filleted fish, blend into butter or margarine for a tasty topping on bread or Pita.


SWEET BOURBON SEASONING OUR EXCLUSIVE RECIPE – Slightly sweet with a hint of bourbon flavor (there is no bourbon in the product). Sprinkle on filleted fish before baking or broiling, add to ground beef, or turkey to give burgers a unique flavor.


SWEET SMOKED PAPRIKA – Use for flavor rather than just color. Adds zest to soups, stews, rubs and marinades.


TACO SEASONING – San Antonio chili powder, garlic, cayenne, and seven additional spices, combine for create a robust, authentic taco seasoning. Add to ground beef for a Southwest flair.

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