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The best way to develop client loyalty is to have your name in out frontas much as poosible. 
Providing top quality merchandiseat value prices under your label can't be beat.

We offer a number of private label options. All are designed to keep your name an reputation out front with  neither risk nor minimum.


Smaller, midsized and start ups often try to do all of the work themselves. You wouldn't go to acarpenter to fill a tooth or try to do electrical yourself. So why would you consider packing yourself? We all have strengths and weaknesses, it is best to target the area that we are most comfortable in. Leave the production and packing to us, that is what we do!
We are the experts, packaging, labeling, consistencey, and value. Start on the right foot, leave the driving to us! You will not be sorry, if nothing else our experience could well save you from making a terrible and costly mistake.
 Selecting a co – packer is far from easy. Know your needs, have an idea of the quantity that you feel is right, research and decide what type packaging you prefer, and be realistic.


We have many options for both private label and marketing clients:
  • LABEL OPTIONS – We can provide computer generated labels, or you may choose to have labels made.

  • PACKAGING OPTIONS - On a regular basis we stock four different sizes of plastic retail jars. Two sizes of standard food service plastic jugs.

  • We also offer a variety of heat sealed bags, as well as form fill and seal options (we require a minimum for form fill and seal packaging).



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